What are the advantages of Powered Surgical Staplers?
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Whether it's a wound caused by a trauma or a surgical incision, doctors use a variety of methods to close the wound to allow the split skin to heal better and faster later on. What are the advantages of using Powered Surgical Staplers to staunch a wound compared to traditionalNeedle and threadstitches?


There are many ways to close a wound in common use. Of course, the most classic and standard method is to useNeedle and threadto close a wound. However, in addition to needle and thread, there are other ways to close a wound in clinical practice, examples include the most common: tissue adhesives (also called skin glues), butterfly tape pastes, and today's Powered Surgical Staplers.


Powered Surgical Staplers Pros:


1. Close wounds quickly


Although in most cases, the surgeon can slowly and carefully close the wound, for some special cases, such as severe trauma, bleeding has been a lot, the operation time is long, anesthesia has been a lot, and patients with the poor general condition need to return to the ward or ICU and so on. It is particularly important to close the wound and end the operation as soon as possible.


Powered Surgical Staplers

After all, faster wound closure means less surgery time, less bleeding, less use of anesthetic, and lower anesthesia and surgical risk. At this point, Powered Surgical Staplers have the advantage of quickly closing the wound, compared to regular stitch-by-stitch sutures.


In addition, surgical Powered Staplers are better suited to handle a large number of patients with acute trauma resulting from public emergencies because they perform wound closure tasks more quickly, given the limited number of doctors available, the wound needs to be closed as soon as possible to treat the next patient.


2. Relatively safe


Ordinary stitching needle is curved, stitching process needs to be downPockettissue suture, which may hurt or even sew the deep structure. Surgical Powered Staplers pose a lower risk of accidental needle stick injury than stitches.


These are the benefits of Powered Surgical Staplers, so feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.