Review of the 84th CMEF
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Qianjing Medical


Meet again in Shanghai, the four-leaf clover blooms

It's been a long time since I saw you, we have the world when we meet


The 84th Shanghai CMEF, which lasted for 4 days, came to a successful conclusion at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center


If we meet, we will parte again, and we will meet again after parting

When the spring wind blows, we will meet again


At the exhibition site, Qianjing Medical’s booth was full of people, attracting many experts, scholars and professional visitors to stop, let us review the wonderful moments of the exhibition together.


Booth Express|Appreciate the online style

The annual Shanghai CMEF (Spring) is definitely a visual feast for the entire medical industry. From the crowds of visitors at the exhibition site every year, it can be seen that as a member of the medical industry, I never want to miss this feast. But the reality is cruel. There will always be people who are unable to come to the scene due to various things, and it is inevitable to miss it.

But this time, Qian Jing Medical Marketing Department planned an online live broadcast. Maybe you can't visit Qian Jing's booth in person, but my lady will follow the camera and take you through Qian Jing's booth. You will never miss the wonderful moments of Qian Jing's booth.



On-site direct attack|Experience hot enthusiasm

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Such a high-quality reception group of handsome men and beautiful women is enough to prove that Qianjing Medical attaches great importance to this exhibition. "For those who work hard, the sky is worth it. Three thousand more can swallow Wu." Sure enough, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. The dazzling array of exhibits made a large number of visitors stay and stop, and the well-known and responsive reception staff meticulously explained professional knowledge to customers and patiently answered customersquestions and doubts. Under Qianjing Medicals "offensive", customers were present. I left my business card and praised Qianjing Medical's caring service!




Qianjing Medical | Feel the ingenuity design


Qianjing Medical is a subsidiary of Qianjing Rehabilitation Group. It is a modern enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. Qianjing Medical focuses on the development, production and sales of various surgical staplers and sutures, and actively introduces new technologies at home and abroad, develops and produces high-quality and reliable products, and provides more complete product clinical solutions. To provide medical equipment products for the global market, the marketing and service network has covered more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and overseas markets such as Europe, America, Asia, and so on.


Every parting

All for a better meeting next time

Let us meet again next year at CMEF

Qianjing Medical will work with you

Go hand in hand to create a bright future!