Qianjing rehabilitation signed with China holding leasing
  2019/08/22| View:1113

On December 20th, Sinopharm (China) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guokong Leasing") and Changzhou Qianjing Rehabilitation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qianjing Rehabilitation") signed a manufacturer's strategic cooperation in Shanghai Sinopharm Building protocol.


"Guokong Leasing will carry out a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Qian Jing Rehabilitation." At the signing meeting, Chen Kai, managing director of Guokong Leasing, said. In the cooperation, financial support will be provided by Guokong Leasing and equipment support will be provided by Qian Jing Rehabilitation. The two parties will work together to develop the layout of the health care industry and provide various customers with a one-stop health care solution of "finance-equipment-after-sales" . This cooperation will help health care institutions achieve chain and scale as soon as possible, so that more families and individuals can enjoy high-quality health care equipment and services.

Qian Jing Rehabilitation is a domestic professional manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment and a leader in the rehabilitation equipment industry. Existing products cover a wide range and a complete range. In recent years, with its strong research and development capabilities, it has continued to expand the field of subdivision rehabilitation and deepen the big health industry.


Zhou Feng, director of Sinopharm Leasing, Fan Yancheng, founder and president of Qianjing Rehabilitation, Fan Tianrun, general manager of Qianjing Rehabilitation, and Wang Yan, general manager of Sinoleasing Medical System Division, and other relevant leaders and personnel witnessed this important moment.