Introduction to Disposable Trocar
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Disposable Trocar is usually used to refer to the entire component, but the actual Disposable Trocar is the stylus introduced through the sleeve. Disposable Trocar has different types of tips. The cutting tips of these Disposable trocars are either in the shape of a pyramid or are flat, two-edged blades. Disposable Trocar with a tapered tip should be less invasive to the tissue. The tip can penetrate the wall without cutting, reportedly reducing the risk of hernias or bleeding.


The cannula is usually made of plastic or metal. Whether a plastic device is transparent or opaque, it needs to be designed in a way that minimizes the reflection of light from the telescope. The reusable and Disposable Trocar is made of a combination of metal and plastic.


The tip of the Disposable Trocar has a double-edged blade. These are very effective at cutting through tissue as they pass through the abdominal wall. Most Disposable trocars have a spring-loaded mechanism with the tip retracted immediately after passing through the abdominal wall to reduce the incidence of visceral injury.


Disposable Trocar and the size and diameter of the cannula depend on the instrument used. Casing diameters range from 3 to 30 mm; the most common sizes are 5 mm and 10 mm. According to the experience of surgeons, Disposable Trocar metal has different types of tips, namely tapered tips, eccentric tips, tapered tips, or blunt tips. All cannulas have a valve mechanism at the top.


Disposable Trocar

The valve provides an internal air seal that allows the instrument to pass in and out of the cannula without loss of pneumoperitoneum. These valves may be inclined, transverse, or piston-operated.


These valves can be retracted manually or automatically during instrument passage. There are also trumpet-type valves that provide excellent sealing, but they are not as practical as some other systems. They require both hands to insert the instrument, which may explain why they are less frequently used in advanced laparoscopic cases. Flexible valves can limit CO2 leakage during operation, regardless of the diameter of the instrument used.


Pointy Disposable trocars, while seemingly dangerous, are better than blunt ones because they require less force to introduce into the abdominal cavity and are less likely to inadvertently force their way into the entire Disposable Trocar. There is always a difference between the marked outside diameter and the available inside diameter of the casing. The end of the casing is straight or slanted.


Feel for a sloping tip to facilitate Disposable Trocar easily through the abdominal wall. The disposable Trocar and sleeve should be appropriately held in hand so that the Disposable Trocar head rests on the ridge of the fish, the middle finger should be on the air intake, and the index finger points to the tip of the Disposable Trocar.


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