Characteristics of Circular Staplers
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Surgical advances have been driven by advances in surgical instruments. In the field of gastrointestinal surgery, Circular Staplers have taken reconstruction of the digestive tract to a new level, reducing the time spent in surgery, tissue damage, and hospital stays. What are the types of Circular Staplers used in clinical practice?


Circular Stapler Stapler types: Stapler types, according to the principle of operation are divided into pressure-type and stapling two types. The shape of the stapler is divided into linear cutting suture, circular cutting suture, arc cutting suture, and so on.


Product characteristics: although this stapler has only one function, it is widely used for sealing the stump of the Bronchus, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, intestine, blood vessel, and so on. Different models can be chosen according to different tissues, but it should be noted that this type of stapler does not have a cutting function.


Circular Staplers

Notes: before releasing the Stapler, remove the excess tissue and the organs expected to be removed, disinfect the ends with iodine, and loosen and remove the stapler along the edge of the stapler osprey.


This type of stapler, according to the application can be subdivided into circular (anorectal) stapler and tubular (digestive tract) stapler.


1. A round (anorectal) stapler


This type can be divided into Stapler PPH (prolapse and hemorrhoids mucosa circumferential anastomosis) and TST (open-loop minimally invasive hemorrhoid stapler). The specific difference between the two is that TST is a selective stapler, which is a new technique developed on the basis of PPH. The TST uses a specially designed colonoscopy to form a different open-loop window, a stapling probe to lock in the hemorrhoids and to adjust the extent to which the hemorrhoid mucosa is removed, depending on the size and size of the hemorrhoids, maximum protection of the normal function of the anus.


2. A tubular (digestive) stapler


Features: one-time operation for avoiding fork infection; increased bending radian for easy insertion of instruments; integral circular knife for ensuring reliability; unique design and treatment of stitches, more conducive to suture and resection.


Note: the end of the intestine to be anastomosed should be free and stripped at least 2 cm; exit the stapler gently, and check whether the cut tissue is a complete ring; Purse suture needle distance not more than 0.5 cm, margin 2-3 mm, too much tissue easy to embed anastomotic mouth, prevent anastomosis, pay attention not to miss the mucosa.


These are the characteristics of Circular Staplers, which I hope will help you. Jiangsu Qianjing is a manufacturer of medical devices.The existing products have covered all kinds of stapler such as Circular Staplers, tubular stapler, linear cutting stapler, linear stapler, arc cutting stapler, Skin Stapler, piercer, incision retractor, purse stapler, etc, meet the needs of various surgical operations.