Source of Surgical Powered Staplers
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You may have heard of Surgical Powered Staplers, but do you know who invented them? Where did it come from? If you are interested, read on!


In 1908, Hungarian Doctor H ümer H ültl finally got the idea from a Stapler and successfully invented a new hemostatic suture tool-Surgical Stapler.


Now that you've got the idea from the Staplers, you can immediately guess how the Surgical Powered Staplers work. Think back to the time when you were binding paper, replacing it with tissue from our bodies, this gives you a rough idea of what Surgical Powered Staplers looked like when they were working.


Of course, Surgical Powered Staplers wouldn't be a great invention if they were the same as stationery Staplers. To help stop bleeding during surgery, Dr. H ültl, the inventor of the Surgical Powered Staplers, has some great ideas:


Surgical Powered Staplers

He modified the anvil so that the pressed sutures would be shaped like aB,which would secure the major blood vessels and ensure the blood supply and nutrition of the stapling tissue and cutting edges


His multiple rows of staples were staggered, with two parallel dotted lines that locked into each other, ensuring that all the blood vessels through which the cuts were made were ligated to avoid leakage at the anastomosis.


It is worth mentioning that these two points are still used in the design of Surgical Powered Staplers to this day.


Surgical Powered Staplers have greatly improved the efficiency and success of some operations, and it has undergone constant upgrades: the original Surgical Powered Staplers had to be sutured, and then the blades were added to the nail barn, and... Surgical Powered Staplers, which are used in different organ operations, have undergone different changes in shape and function.


The rapid growth of Surgical Powered Staplers has been driven by several factors, including the presence of H ültl.