The pros and cons of Powered Staplers
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With the development of medical technology, there are more and more methods of wound closure, such as Powered Staplers, sealers, adhesives, skin zippers, and so on.


Powered Staplers are nothing new and I'm sure a lot of people have used them. Powered Staplers, which look like regular Staplers and can be held in hand, use titanium pins to sever or match tissue. But it is not the use of ordinary staples, but a special medical U-shaped nail.


What are the advantages of Powered Staplers?


The first is the speed with which the wound closes, which is particularly important in situations where there is a need to end the operation as quickly as possible, such as when dealing with a large number of patients who have suffered acute trauma as a result of a public emergency, limited doctors have limited time to deal with as many patients as possible.


Powered Staplers are then stitched closer to the skin to facilitate wound healing and reduce scar hyperplasia.


Powered Staplers

What are the drawbacks of Powered Staplers?


The price is more expensive.

The edge of the wound should be neat.

The wounds are unsightly and should not be applied to the face or neck.


What's the difference between Powered Staplers and sewing?


It's the same thing. It doesn't matter what technique you use, as long as you can cure it. Forced Staplers may be used to close wounds that are treated tidily and reduce scarring.


Take out the stitchestime is about, the scalp general 5-7 days, the trunk upper limbs general 7-10 days, lower limbs general 10-14 days, and the tension of the wound general 14 days. In addition, Nailneed to use the supportingNail device, which is generally painless.


These are the pros and cons of Powered Staplers. If you have any other questions about Powered Staplers, feel free to contact us.