Characteristics of surgical staples
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Surgical Staplers and endoscopic components are used for cutting and suturing tissue in open and endoscopic surgery. What are their characteristics? If you're interested, look down!


Characteristics of surgical staples:


1. Surgical staplers use disposable cutting blades that are replaced along with the clip to keep the blades sharp, to keep the tissue intact, and to reduce tissue damage.


2. Surgical Staplers provide six rows of staplers regardless of the type of staplers to ensure the safety of endoscopic surgery.


3. Surgical Staplers adopt the symmetrical ergonomic design, both hands can perform surgery alone.


Surgical staplers

4. Surgical Staplers are equipped with safety locking devices to avoid the second shot of the used nail clips to ensure the safety of the operation.


5. Surgical Staplers use a wide opening at the front of the staplers for easy incorporation of tissue. A thin Anvil design, with no need to separate the larger gap, can smooth access, and reduce tissue damage.


6. Surgical Staplers all types of staplers can be used with the same instrument to reduce the complexity of the operation.


7. Surgical Staplers can replace components during the same procedure, reducing medical costs.


8. Surgical Staplers scope of application: this device is suitable for abdominal surgery, gynecology, pediatric and thoracic surgery in open endoscopic surgery tissue resection, transection, and suture.


These are the characteristics of Surgical staplers, if you want to know more, please contact us.