Sugical stapler's advantages and working principle
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Sugical Stapler is an alternative to manual suturing in surgery. How does it work? What are the advantages? If you are interested in these questions, read on!


It works by using titanium nails to sever or suture tissue, similar to a stapler. Sugical stapler is easier to perform than manual sutures and can shorten the time of surgery, with clear benefits in the surgical environment.


Compared with the traditional manual suture, the instrument suture has the following advantages: the suture is fast, the operation is simple, the operation time is saved, the disposable use, avoids cross infection, uses the titanium nail or the stainless steel nail, the advantages of tight sutures, suitable tightness, fewer side effects and complications also make the operation of previously unresectable tumors to be excised, which is very popular with surgeons.


Sugical stapler

Sugical Stapler works like a Stapler, so it is called Stapler. Sugical stapler uses mechanical actuators to insert two or more rows of misaligned staplers, pre-placed in the assembly, into the tissue that has been aligned and needs to be aligned, after passing through the two layers of tissue, the anastomotic nail is blocked by the anvil groove in front of the nail and bends inward to form a kind ofB”-shaped dislocation arrangement, which permanently fastens the two layers of tissue together. Since the capillary can pass through the gap of a “B”-like a staple, it does not affect the blood supply to the suture site or the distal end of the suture, and benefit from the healing of anastomotic tissue.


The stapling nail shall be made of materials that meet the requirements of biocompatibility (implant)(e. g. titanium). Because the anastomotic nails are arranged neatly, the spacing is equal, and the suture tightness is controlled by the ruler or preset control, the defects of over-density and over-tightness of the manual suture and over-tightness and over-looseness of the ligature are avoided, and the good healing of the tissue is ensured, it also greatly shortened the operation time.


All kinds of Sugical stapler are designed forB” type stitching. The main components are drill, assembly, firing handle, locating needle, knob, and marking ruler. To cut off the superfluous tissue after anastomosis and meet the requirement of clinical anastomotic stoma and anastomosis effect, all kinds of knives, such as ring knives, push knives, and so on, are also equipped. These parts are used according to certain operating rules to ensure the rapid and accurate completion of tissue suture or anastomosis.


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