The scope and use of Titanium clips
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The scope of use of Titanium clips

1、Polyp excision. Mainly in the tip Titanium clips can block the trophoblastic vessels that nourish the polyp after clamping, which plays a role in preventing the risk of bleeding after excision of long-tipped or subtipped polyps.

Titanium clips

2. Closure of endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) wounds. It prevents the complications of delayed bleeding and delayed perforation of ESD wounds.

3, ulcer with bleeding. The hemorrhage area is not large enough to allow direct wound closure with Titanium clips.

4, Dieulafoy's disease bleeding. Since bleeding in Dieulafoy's disease is relatively fast but the lesion is hidden or relatively small, direct hemostasis with Titanium clips is still generally preferred.

5. transoral endoscopic esophageal sphincterotomy (POEM), internal diameter transmucosal tunnel tumor resection (STER), total gastrointestinal resection (EFR) and transnatural lumen endoscopic surgery (NOTES). Among these techniques, Titanium clips are mainly used for wound closure

6. Assisted localization. For smaller lesions that cannot be accurately localized, Titanium clips can be applied under direct endoscopic vision to mark the lesion locally with 1-2 titanium clips to facilitate the surgeon to quickly find the lesion site during surgery.

7. Titanium clips treatment for perforation. Endoscopic treatment is mainly based on the simple closure of Titanium clips.

The use of Titanium clips

The process of using Titanium clips is mainly a process where the "hooks" on both sides of the Titanium clips are hooked into the "loose normal mucosa" and then clamped shut.

Before using Titanium clips, you need to know several parameters of Titanium clips, such as the length of the Titanium clips clip, the angle of the Titanium clips tip "hook" and the length of the Titanium clips residue after closing, as well as The material is metal or plastic, etc. The length of the clips is usually the standard type, but the opening range of the clips is often of concern to the surgeon, as he or she always wants to open the clips as wide as possible. Currently, the opening range of titanium clips is 10-15mm.

Titanium ligating clips

As for the angle of the "hook" at the front of the clip, it is necessary to understand. 90° angle of the clip has more hooking power, which is suitable for wound closure and hemostasis, while 135° angle of the titanium clip has slightly less hooking power, which is generally only suitable for clamping closed hemostasis. Although there is a slight difference, in fact, "experts" can avoid these details of the parameters and use it directly, and yes, it is beautiful.

There are two general types of Titanium clips. They are "reloadable Titanium clips" and "single-use Titanium clips". The reloadable Titanium clips only require loading and replacing the Titanium clips themselves, while the releasers are reusable.