Titanium Clips
Titanium ligating clips
Product Detail

Product Features

1. The operation process can be automated and the operation time can be shortened;

2, a single hand can operate the device, convenient and fast;

3, slight pain, no need for anesthesia, no need to be hospitalized, saving costs for patients;

4, imported natural rubber, side effects and complications are few;

5, one-time use, avoid cross infection.

Scope of Application

It is suitable for ligation treatment of various stages of internal hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids or benign rectal polyps.

titanium surgical clips

ligaclip titanium

※ See product manual for more specifications and models; Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the latest information. The picture is for reference only

Product Performance

Titanium clamps should match the size of the titanium clamps

FQS 100102 single action, FQS 100202 double action titanium clamp using no. 2 titanium clamp

FQS 100103 single action, FQS 100203 double action titanium clamp using no. 3 titanium clamp

FQS 100104 single action, FOS 100204 double action titanium clamp using no. 4 titanium clamp

FQS in 050101 φ5x330mm titanium clamp using no. 5 titanium clamp


Various stages of internal hemorrhoids (L ~ LLL stage is the best), mixed hemorrhoids internal hemorrhoids part, rectal focal lesions, such as rectal polyps, rectal hemangiomas or vascular malformations.

Applicable Departments


Common Uregery

Ligation of internal hemorrhoids, ligation of rectal polyps, ligation of colorectal hemangioma, etc

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