What components are used to make up the laparoscopic stapler
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With the advancement of science and technology, medical devices are constantly being developed, and the application of the laparoscopic stapler has brought many benefits to patients by making surgery safer and more convenient and improving their quality of life.

laparoscopic stapler

The laparoscopic stapler has made it possible to perform surgical procedures that were previously impossible, and has greatly expanded the scope of surgery, reduced the time required for surgery, and improved the safety of surgery.

laparoscopic stapler

The laparoscopic stapler is a variety of intracavitary cutting and suturing devices. This type of anastomosis has 6 rows of staples, and the blade cuts the tissue from the middle while stapling, and 3 rows of staples on each side complete the function of suturing and hemostasis to achieve the purpose of cutting and suturing. It is suitable for all kinds of thoracic and laparoscopic surgeries, convenient for surgical operations and guarantees the safety of laparoscopic surgical operations to the greatest extent.

Power Stapler

Usually a complete set of laparoscopic stapler is composed of a body and a component; the body is composed of an instrument lever, a grip, a safety device, an angle rotation device, a staple removal knob and a return knob; the component is composed of a staple box, a staple anvil and a blade.