pph stapler hemorrhoids in the use of what needs to be noted in the process
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Classification of Hemorrhoids

The medical term hemorrhoids includes internal, external and mixed hemorrhoids. The main symptoms of hemorrhoids are bleeding stools, painful stools, rectal cramps, and prolapsed masses. They can be divided into four stages according to their symptoms.

pph stapler hemorrhoids

-Stage I: simple blood in the stool.

-Stage II: prolapsed internal hemorrhoid which can be automatically returned into the anus.

-Stage III: internal hemorrhoid prolapses and needs to be inserted back into the anus by hand

-Stage IV: internal hemorrhoids cannot be returned into the anus and the symptoms are severe.

Treatment of hemorrhoids

At present, the clinical treatment of hemorrhoids mainly includes injection treatment, surgical treatment (PPH/TST), ligation treatment and other methods.

01 Injection therapy.

Injection therapy is a non-surgical treatment commonly used at present, and its advantage is that the effect of treating internal hemorrhoids can be compared with surgery, less painful and shorter treatment time, suitable for stage I to II internal hemorrhoids, especially for bleeding symptoms, but there is a risk of forming blood clots.

02 Surgical treatment (modified external stripping and internal ligation PPH/TST, cosmetic minimally invasive surgical techniques)

It can solve the problem of hemorrhoids at the root, but the clinical operation takes a long time, the patient feels pain during the operation and the postoperative complication rate is high.

03 Ligation (EPH, RPH and other ligation techniques, the preferred treatment in Europe and the United States)

Ligation has the advantages of simple clinical operation, short operation time, less intraoperative pain, less trauma, and very low postoperative complication rate and bleeding rate, etc. It is easy to promote and master clinically and is well accepted by clinicians.

Qianjing Medical pph stapler hemorrhoids

The pph stapler hemorrhoids is one of the main surgical instruments for the clinical treatment of hemorrhoid disease, and is an instrument product suitable for the surgical treatment of internal hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, internal rectal mucosal prolapse, rectal prolapse, and rectal benign polyp ligation at all stages.

Disposable Circular Staplers for Prolapse and hemorrhoids(PPH) and Accessories

Advantages of pph stapler hemorrhoids

Two configurations of elastic cord and rubber band to meet different ligature needs.

Targeted treatment

CMH hemorrhoidal artery blocking and precise targeted localization therapy.

Precise Marking

Marker line design at the suction end for more precise tissue aspiration.

Elasticity guarantee

instantly on the rubber ring or elastic wire to ensure the effective elasticity of the rubber ring or elastic wire.

Specialized anoscope

Special anoscope for lateral recumbency and truncated position to meet the treatment needs of each physician.

Scope of application: Applicable to the ligature treatment of internal hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids or benign rectal polyps of all stages

Applicable departments: Anorectology, colorectal surgery, general surgery

Points to note on the use of pph stapler hemorrhoids

1) For anterior rectal wall bulge, it is recommended to give preference to ligature treatment with a rubber ring.

2) The base of the parent hemorrhoid or the part near the dentate line should be ligated with a collar, not with an elastic cord. There are relatively few tissues to be ligated with a collar, and the anal speculum observation should be minimized after ligation to prevent the collar or elastic cord from falling off at the ligation point. It is also recommended to inject a small amount of sclerosing agent at the ligature point after ligation to enhance the ligature effect.

3) Columnar three-point ligation, the upper two points should use elastic thread, from large to small.