Functions and efficacy of cpm rehab machine
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CPM is the abbreviation of Continuous Passive Motion, which can be called continuous passive motion after direct translation. cpm rehab machine is actually a kind of motion machine that uses continuous, passive joint movement to achieve the function of motion rehabilitation, which can be used for hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist and other joints after fracture surgery, arthroplasty, joint replacement, It can be used for sports rehabilitation after fracture, arthroplasty, joint replacement, ligament reconstruction, arthritis drainage, joint release, soft tissue transplantation, etc. of hip, knee, ankle, shoulder and wrist.

Upper and Lower Limb Trainer with Fixed Screen

The cpm rehab machine is often performed with the aid of CPM equipment, which is designed and manufactured for different joints, with flexible settings for range of motion, speed, frequency, duration, and pulling force, and has a wide variety of configurations and appearances.

The cpm rehab machine is not essential, but it is clearly a daunting task if it is to be replaced by manual labor of a therapist or family member. In summary, the functions and features of the cpm rehab machine are listed below.

Prevention of soft tissue contractures and adhesions

The cpm rehab machine provides gentle, continuous, prolonged passive movement of the joint while the patient rests, preventing contractures and adhesions of the soft tissues around the joint and maintaining the range of motion of the joint. Compared to manual-assisted passive joint motion, CPM provides more secure fixation of the joint and its therapeutic accuracy is guaranteed.

Lubricates and nourishes joints

Continuous joint movement causes cyclical changes in intra-articular pressure, which promotes the secretion and circulation of joint fluid, so that the cartilage and ligaments and other tissues inside the joint are adequately supplied with nutrients (the ligaments and cartilage inside the knee joint rarely have a blood supply and rely mainly on the nourishment of joint fluid), so that the joint is always lubricated.

If the joint is not active enough, the amount of joint fluid produced will be greatly reduced, and not only will it not heal quickly, but the normal metabolism of the tissues within the joint may also be affected (the same is true for sedentary people who are more likely to suffer from arthritis than those who exercise excessively).


Promote healing

The healing of cartilage, ligaments and other soft tissues depends not only on the supply of nutrients, but also on the stimulation of force in the correct direction of the force line. During cpm rehab machine exercise, the stress and friction generated by cartilage, ligaments and other tissues can promote the conversion of undifferentiated cells into corresponding growth cells, allowing cartilage, ligaments and other tissues to heal more efficiently.

Pain relief

Continuous passive movement of the joints helps to reduce the sensitivity of sensory nerves and increase the pain threshold, which has a certain pain-relieving effect.