What is a curved cutter stapler? curved cutter stapler price details
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The curved cutter stapler is a device used in medicine as an alternative to manual suturing. The main working principle is to use titanium staples to dissociate or anastomose tissue, similar to a stapler. Depending on the scope of application, it can be mainly divided into skin anastomosis, circular anastomosis of the digestive tract (esophagus, gastrointestinal, etc.), rectal anastomosis, circular hemorrhoid anastomosis, circumcision anastomosis, vascular anastomosis, hernia anastomosis, pulmonary cutter stapler, etc.

curved cutter stapler

Price of curved cutter stapler
The price of curved cutter stapler is: about 300 USD.
Advantages of curved cutter stapler.
1. Easy and convenient to operate, saving surgery time.
2. Single-use, to avoid cross-infection.
3. Titanium or stainless steel staples (skin stapler) are used to close tightly and loosely.
4. Has few side effects and effectively reduces surgical complications, etc.
How to operate the curved cutter stapler
The intestinal anastomosis is used to illustrate the use of the anastomosis, the proximal intestine of the anastomosis is placed in a purse suture, the staple holder is placed and tightened, the anastomosis is inserted from the distal end, the central puncture device of the anastomosis is pierced, the central rod of the proximal anastomosis against the staple holder is articulated and rotated close to the intestinal wall of the distal and proximal intestines, the distance between the anastomosis against the staple holder and the base is adjusted according to the thickness of the intestinal wall, generally 1.5 to 2.5 cm or hand rotation is tighter (the handle has a (there is a tightness indicator pin on the handle) open the safety.
Squeeze the anastomosis wrench tightly, hear the "click" sound that means the cutting and anastomosis is completed, do not withdraw the anastomosis, check whether the anastomosis is satisfactory and whether there are other tissues such as ties embedded in it, be treated accordingly, spin loose the anastomosis, and gently pull out from the distal end, check whether the distal and proximal intestinal resection circle is complete.

Precautions for curved cutter stapler
(1) Before operation, check whether the scale is aligned with the 0 scale, whether the assembly is correct, and whether the push piece and tantalum nail are missing. The plastic washer should be placed inside the offset pin holder.
(2) The severed end of the intestinal canal ready for anastomosis should be fully freed and stripped at least 2 cm.
(3) The stitch distance of the purse-string suture should not exceed 0.5 cm, with a margin of 2-3 mm , too much tissue is easily embedded in the anastomosis and hinders the anastomosis, taking care not to miss the mucosa.
(4) Adjust the spacing according to the thickness of the intestinal wall, 1 to 2 cm is appropriate.
(5) Check the stomach, esophagus and other adjacent tissues before striking to prevent entrapment into the anastomosis.
(6) Cut quickly and add pressure at the end to make the staple into a "B" shape, and strive for a single successful cut, or re-cut twice if it is considered inaccurate.
(7) Exit the anastomosis gently, and check whether the cut tissue is a complete ring.