What is Ultrasonic Scalpel System and what are its advantages
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With the increasing development of science and technology and the modern demand for medical technology, the scalpel is no longer just a medical cutting role. In order to achieve accurate and fast cutting with hemostasis, the Ultrasonic Scalpel System was created.

Ultrasonic Scalpel System

What is the Ultrasonic Scalpel System?

Ultrasonic Scalpel System uses the cavitation effect of ultrasound and high-frequency mechanical vibration to change the structure and state of biological tissues, and is mainly used for surgical operations such as cutting biological tissues and vascular closure, with less bleeding, less damage to surrounding tissues, and faster postoperative recovery.

How does the Ultrasonic Scalpel System work?

Ultrasonic Scalpel System works by transmitting electric current from the main unit of the system to the handle, which is activated by the piezoelectric ceramic piece inside the handle. The ceramic piece converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, generating longitudinal mechanical vibration and expanding at the node of the conduction axis, which is transmitted to the bit of the blade to reach the maximum vibration. Small lumen is closed, protein is vibrated to generate secondary energy, deep coagulation closes the larger lumen, while water vaporization in the tissue further helps to stratify the tissue, thus achieving the effect of cutting, coagulation and hemostasis.

What are the advantages of the Ultrasonic Scalpel System?

Compared to scalpels, electric knives, laser knives and other instruments, ultrasonic scalpel has obvious application advantages. It has the function of hemostasis and can work at low temperature, which minimizes the scope of damage to the body by the surgical tool.

Surgical Comparison and Analysis

Mechanical scalpel
● The cutting of living physical tissues by the knife has no obvious advantage over other knife devices.
● Big trauma, big bleeding and long operation time.

Electric scalpel
● High-frequency current heats the tissue when it comes in contact with the muscle to achieve separation and coagulation of the muscle tissue for the purpose of cutting and hemostasis, with fast cutting speed and good hemostatic effect.
● Separate and cut next to important organs and large blood vessels, and there is smoke crust in the surgery.

Laser knife
●Laser has a single direction, high energy density, and uses its thermal, optical and electromagnetic effects to quickly separate and coagulate muscle tissue, with smooth incisions and little bleeding.
It has a smooth incision and less bleeding.

Ultrasonic Scalpel System
Ultrasonic Scalpel System is a system for cutting and coagulating tissues by contacting tissues with ultra-high vibration frequency of the scalpel head and generating cavitation, which can work at low temperature and minimize the damage range of the surgical knife to the human body.

●Higher price.

Foot switch Model: FS100

A complete Ultrasonic Scalpel System is composed of the following parts: frame, mainframe, handle, foot control device, cutter head and other parts. Among them, the handle of Ultrasonic Scalpel consists of energy converter, energy amplifier and energy conduction part. The piezoelectric ceramic located in the center of the energy converter carries the key role of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, and is the core component to control the vibration frequency of the head.