Introduction to the classification of laparoscopic linear stapler and anastomosis products
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laparoscopic linear stapler.

①Integrated staple compartment assembly makes the tissue thickness consistent, and the staple formation is good and consistent after firing.

②The 45° joint design (6 positions) on the left and right ensures good joint operation and facilitates the placement of instruments in narrow space tissues.

③Three rows of staggered titanium nails on the left and right can suture the tissue while cutting, providing a stepped closure height nail compartment to ensure better hemostasis of the anastomosis and sufficient blood supply for healing.

Scope of application: Applicable to open or lumpectomy surgery, resection, transection and anastomosis of lung, bronchial tissues and gastrointestinal tissues such as stomach and intestines.

laparoscopic linear stapler

Disposable Circular Staplers.

① Suitable anastomosis staple height (4.0, 4.8mm) can be used for stapling of different thicknesses of tissues.

②Unique knotting groove design of the staple holder, the knotting of the staple wire on the staple holder is easy and not easy to fall off.

③The unique material cutting washer design obvious auditory tactile feedback, can easily confirm that the instrument is struck correctly.

④Provides two rows of staggered annular titanium nails that form a circular anastomosis after anastomosis.

Scope of application: mainly used for end-to-end, end-to-side and side-to-side anastomosis of the digestive tract in reconstructive surgery of the esophagus, stomach and intestines.

Disposable Circular Staplers

Disposable Circular Staplers for Prolapse and hemorrhoids(TST) and Accessories.

①Extra large staple compartment capacity to prevent tissue spillage

②Shorter grip distance for effortless firing

③Complete surgical set to meet the needs of each step in the procedure.

Scope of application: PPH hemorrhoidal mucosal circumcision, TST selective suprahemorrhoidal mucosal resection.

Disposable Circular Staplers

Disposable Linear Cutter Staplers and Reloads.

①Provides two types of staple heights, 3.85 and 4.5, for different thicknesses of tissue.

②Titanium staples with two rows of left and right linear parallel interlaced staples for stapling and cutting tissues.

Scope of application: Applicable to the creation of anastomosis and closure of stump or incision in the reconstruction of digestive tract and other organ removal surgery.

Disposable Linear Cutter Staplers

Disposable Circumcision Stapler.

①Standardized surgical procedure, simple operation of cutting washer design products, quick surgery to ensure complete cutting.

② unique wide staple design (3.5) to reduce post-operative blood seepage; staple off easily, reducing the doctor's follow-up time.

③ integrated metal glans hood effectively against the strike, hair when the tension, so that the circumcision knife can be accurately aligned with the groove of the gasket ring to ensure complete cutting.

Scope of application: applicable to clinical circumcision suture surgery.

Disposable Circumcision Stapler