Advantages and disadvantages of circular stapler circumcision
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Circular stapler circumcision is one of the earliest surgical procedures performed in male surgery, and the earliest recorded circumcision has a history of 5,000 years ago. circumcision, which is based on the traditional surgery. The main advantages compared to traditional surgery are the following.

First: generally no stitches are used, the stapler releases the staples to close the incision while cutting under pressure, the staples are dense enough to stop the bleeding and align the incision, and silk sutures are generally not needed again.

Disposable Circumcision Stapler (White)

Second: The operation time is short, usually only 5-10 minutes to complete the operation, compared to 20-30 minutes for traditional surgery. The shortened operation time reduces the patient's pain and reduces the patient's tension and anxiety.

Third: Less bleeding, because the suture is released while cutting and staples are released for hemostatic suturing, so the steps of cutting with scissors and then searching for bleeding points to stop bleeding in turn are combined in traditional surgery, so bleeding is significantly reduced.

Fourth: No need to use electric knife electrocoagulation to stop bleeding during the surgery, traditional circumcision basically uses electric knife, some studies have found that high frequency electric knife and laser knife during surgery may lead to serious postoperative complications, although the probability of occurrence is extremely low, but it is also a risk factor to be vigilant, anastomotic circumcision is successful in avoiding this risk factor.

Fifth: neat and aesthetic appearance, smaller post-operative scar. Since traditional surgery requires the use of tissue scissors to manually cut the inner and outer foreskin plates, the edges are often not particularly neat, while the anastomotic circumcision directly uses a circular mold to cut off the overgrown tissue in one stroke, ensuring the neatness of the edges and the beauty of the shape. The sutures are evenly distributed between the staples, and the incisions are perfectly aligned, resulting in better healing and smaller postoperative scarring.

Sixth: Fast wound recovery and fewer complications. Because of the short operation time, less bleeding, relatively less damage to the tissue, and dense suture staples, the risk of rebleeding, infection, and edema after surgery is lower than that of traditional surgery. 7 days or so, the suture staples gradually begin to fall off, and generally 2 weeks to 3 weeks can be completed, only individual patients need to come to the hospital to remove the suture staples.

Seventh: One surgeon can complete the operation, and the operation is simple and convenient.

However, the circular stapler circumcision is not without any disadvantages, the following are the disadvantages of the procedure.

First: the cost of circular stapler circumcision is higher than that of traditional surgery. The cost of traditional surgery (medication + examination + surgery + postoperative medication change) is about $1500, while the cost of anastomotic circumcision (medication + examination + surgery + postoperative medication change) is about $3000.

Circular stapler circumcision

Second: For patients with heavy adhesions between the foreskin and glans caused by chronic inflammation of the foreskin; patients with large swellings or superfluous growths in the foreskin and coronal groove, traditional surgery should be used.