Continuous Passive Motion
Continuous Passive Motion

Continuous Passive Motion

Product Detail

Continuous Passive Motion

1. Product name: Continuous Passive Motion

2. Type: CPM-B

3. Product Overview

The lower limb joint rehabilitation device is used for rehabilitation and auxiliary treatment for patients with lower limb joint function. ordinary equipment that does not prevent liquid injection, non-AP or APG equipment, continuous operation equipment. CPM-B type lower limb joint rehabilitation device is displayed in liquid crystal LCD Chinese.

4. Scope of application

Lower extremity joint rehabilitation device CPM-B for the rehabilitation of the lower extremity joint function patients. Hospital for patients (Except for overweight patients, Petite patients or children) after surgery for hip, knee, ankle function continuous passive rehabilitation exercise.

5. The main structure

The lower limb joint rehabilitation device CPM-B consists of a main body, a limb support and a leather pad.

6. Principles of Products

The motor drives the gear movement, drives the screw to rotate,causes the nut to produce the reciprocating motion, then outputs the power to cause the human body thigh, the leg bracket to produce the passive motion.

7. Precautions

1) The rated working voltage of this instrument is ~ 100-240V, When not using the unit, umplug it from the power outlet. When removing it, hold the power plug head part and do not pull the power cord itself.

2) This instrument uses two T1A, 250V fuses, installed in the power socket position (in the lower dedicated slot), see the machine related position indication. You need to use a word and pull out the special pull groove to replace it.

3) There are no parts inside the instrument that can be replaced, repaired o1 maintained at will. Maintenance, replacement, and repair of internal parts of the instrument must be handled by the manufacturer or handled by a service technician designated by the manufacturer.

4) All external components or components of the instrument must be used for nornal use. In case of damage or doubtful failure, it should be suspended and contact the manufacturer or the repairer designated by the manufacturer. We are not responsible for any problems with the use of parts not licensed by the manufacturer or manufactured by the manufacturer.

5) According to the use of similar foreign products, for safety reasons, it is recommended to use the machine when the patient's joints are not stiff. At this time, it is recommended not to use a fixed strap to fix.

the affected limb, so as to avoid damage to the affected limb if the machine is improperly set or the machine malfunctions. From the data query, in addition to China's domestic CPM machines, the CPM machines produced abroad have basically not used fixed straps. Therefore, although the machine is safe to use, it is not recommended to use a fixed strap to fix the affected limb. For fixed limbs to be fixed with a fixed strap, professional medical staff must be used for care.

6) Do not modify this equipment without authorization of the manufacturer.

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