Why disposable circular stapler for PPH surgery
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The PPH procedure is a circular excision of the prolapsed rectal mucosa above the hemorrhoid using a special instrument called a "disposable circular stapler". During the operation, the anus is dilated and the rectal mucosa is circularly sutured around 4 cm above the dentate line (the junction line between the rectum and the anal canal), then the disposable circular stapler is inserted into the anus and the anastomosis can remove the prolapsed mucosal band.

disposable circular stapler

Since the rectal mucosa above the dentate line is innervated by visceral nerves, patients have almost no pain after the operation; and since the operation not only removes the prolapsed rectal mucosal band, but also blocks the terminal anastomotic branch of the terminal rectal artery, eliminating the root cause of hemorrhoids, it has very ideal treatment effects on internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, circular hemorrhoids, severe hemorrhoid prolapse, prolapse, etc. It has the characteristics of quick effect, quick recovery and no pain after the operation.

It has a very ideal treatment effect on internal hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, ring hemorrhoids, severe hemorrhoid prolapse, prolapse, etc. The PPH minimally invasive and painless technique for prolapsed hemorrhoids, i.e. stage II, III, IV internal hemorrhoids or mixed hemorrhoids mainly internal hemorrhoids, has obvious advantages in the treatment of prolapsed hemorrhoids such as less trauma, faster recovery and less recurrence. It is an effective treatment for rectal prolapse. It is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, white-collar people who pay attention to efficiency, patients who have relapsed from traditional treatment, and patients with mild prolapse and internal prolapse of rectal mucosa.

Principle of surgery.

The disposable circular stapler is inserted into the rectum through the anus, and the mucosa and submucosa of the lower rectal wall are removed in a circular fashion, and an anastomosis is performed at the same time to lift the prolapsed anal cushion and restore the normal anatomical position of the cushion, which acts as a "suspension", while the arterial blood branches supplying the hemorrhoid nucleus are cut off, which acts as a "disconnection", thus achieving the goal of radical cure.

What are the advantages of using a disposable circular stapler?

1、The sutures are quick and easy to operate, which shortens the operation time and facilitates the patient's recovery after the operation.

2. The sutures are accurate and precise, reducing the incidence of surgical complications.

3、The material of the anastomosis staple of disposable circular stapler is titanium alloy, which has better histocompatibility than silk thread, less foreign body reaction, and lower incidence of anastomosis leakage than manual suturing.

4、The use of disposable circular stapler reduces the difficulty of surgery and makes it possible to perform procedures that were difficult in the past, such as resection anastomosis of ultra-low rectal cancer.

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The use of the disposable circular stapler also allows for completely new surgical procedures such as PPH (anastomotic suprahemorrhoidal circular mucosal resection and stapling), which is a method of treating severe mixed hemorrhoids. Before the advent of PPH, severe mixed hemorrhoids needed to be treated surgically by external peeling and internal stapling, which is very invasive, bleeding, long, painful and has many complications. PPH lifts the hemorrhoid that has prolapsed into the anus into the rectum by cutting off a ring of rectal mucosa above the hemorrhoid (about 2-4 cm above the dentate line). The procedure is simple and quick, with good surgical results, mild pain and quick recovery.