Advantages of the endoscopic linear cutter in use
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Advantages of the endoscopic linear cutter in use.

1. endoscopic linear cutter combines ergonomic design, endoscopic linear cutter's articulation and one-handed grip for added versatility and enhanced user experience.

endoscopic linear cutter

2. Enhanced joint motion knob

3. Provides visualization of the surgical site

4. Hinge knob and reload move in the same direction

5. Forward/backward compatibility

6. Simplified inventory management during transition to new technology devices

7. Improved unloading mechanism, incorrect loading indicator

8. Ergonomic design

9. Endoscopic linear cutter handle and knob on the handle can improve ergonomics and enhance tri-axial length surgeon control

10. Shorter distance

endoscopic linear cutter Details

11. Smaller distance between the loop and the fixed handle allows surgeons to use the anastomosis with smaller hands

12. One-handed gripping mechanism

13. endoscopic linear cutter grasps and releases tissue by pushing the loop handle backwards