What are the common Medical instruments?
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What are Medical instruments? I think they're all used in hospitals? You Won't need it normally anyway. Would you have thought that? Medical instruments are closely related to every one of us in our daily lives, so today I'd like to introduce you to Medical instruments.


Medical instruments for daily use,

speaking of Medical instruments may be the first to think of CT machines, ECG machines, and so on in our contact with the film and television often appear in the"Star". But what you may not know is that you are often accompanied by extras, which are also Medical instruments!


Can be broadly summarized into the following categories,


it's easy to get at the drugstore,

such as band-aids, bandages, cotton swabs, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and so on, belongs to the first class of medical devices.


There are also thermometers, blood pressure monitors, home glucose meters, glucose test strips, pregnancy test strips (early pregnancy test strips), ovulation test strips, etc., which belong to the second category of Medical instruments.


Ophthalmology-related products,

first of all, soft contact lenses (commonly known as contact lenses), in the Medical instruments in the ophthalmic appliances class ophthalmic appliances and Protective Equipment Class I products category, its related care products (care fluids), are all in the third category of Medical instruments, it's one of the highest-level Medical instruments you'll ever come into contact with in your daily life.


There are also less-noticed Medical instruments, such as our common eye chart, and children's picture vision card, used for vision testing or amblyopia, and blindness screening. It belongs the first kind of Medical instrument. The special one is the liquid crystal vision table, which is used for vision measurement in the Medical instrument category. It is the second kind of Medical instrument.


 Medical instruments

Some rehabilitation devices are often seen in daily life,


crutches: belong to the first category of Medical instruments. It includes armpit crutch, medical crutch, elbow crutch, walking aid, walking aid, standing support, paraplegic walking support, standing balance training support, etc..


Hearing Aids: belong to the second category of Medical instruments. An electronic device is used to amplify sound and compensate for hearing loss.


Wheelchair: belongs to the second category of Medical instruments. The utility model is used for transportation and walking function compensation of patients with a movement disorder.


Some beauty tools,

for example, ear piercing tools, in the Medical instruments category, belong to passive surgical instruments, surgical instruments puncture guides. It belongs the first kind of Medical instrument.


Oral denture (commonly known as false teeth),

The level in the Medical instruments catalog varies according to the material used to make it.

The metal materials and products for dentures belong to the second class of medical devices.

The ceramic materials and products for dentures belong to the second class of Medical instruments.

The polymeric materials and products used for denture belong to the second class medical devices and the third class medical devices according to their main components.



Yes, it is also Medical instruments, and it is not the first type, the common is the second type, and a few are the third type. The utility model belongs to a barrier contraceptive device under a pregnancy control device.


The above is our daily life more common Medical instruments, we are not up the knowledge. Founded in 2002, Qianjing has an r & D team composed of senior surgical and medical device engineers in the industry. Qianjing has obtained CE, ISO quality system, CFDA, and SFDA certification. If you have any questions about Medical instruments, please feel free to contact us.