Smart, interactive and innovative, the new Arm and leg trainer
  2022/04/18| View:95

In recent years, a number of relevant policies have been introduced to give support to the rehabilitation medical equipment market and inject development engines. This is undoubtedly an exciting and favorable policy for the rehabilitation medical equipment business. This has led to a whole new development of rehabilitation equipment, and intelligent types are starting to come into people's side.

Arm and leg trainer

Gala Health Elderly Arm and leg trainer

With game mode, single player games and online battles, patients can be immersed in fun games to complete their daily training. Through the application of visual feedback and game training, trainers enjoy the interest and sense of accomplishment of rehabilitation training in a virtual space. Using one's own movements to control the movements in the screen to achieve human-machine interaction improves the motivation of training and changes the boring feeling of previous simple training.

Arm and leg trainer features.

1. human-computer interaction: fun, sense of achievement, life, active participation, high acceptance by trainers.

2. Intelligent feedback: Intelligent data system feedback enhances the interactive information exchanged between human and machine, and at the same time makes the training interesting and increases the initiative and motivation of patients to participate in training.

3. Data for the whole training process: intelligent assessment of trainer training data can be conducted before training, providing data for rehabilitation teachers to adjust and develop training plans in a timely manner.

We believe that in the near future, with the further development of technology, intelligent and innovative rehabilitation training systems/equipment will definitely benefit the general public.