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Job details

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above in mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing related majors;

2. Familiar with mechanical design software, able to use Creo or Solidworks software for modeling and drawing, familiar with common office software;

3. Familiar with product design and development process, work hard, have good learning ability and teamwork ability;

4. Strong hands-on ability and the ability to solve problems independently;

5. Experience in the medical industry is preferred.

Job Responsibilities

1. Cooperate with the market department to study customer needs and analyze competitive products;

2. Carry out new product design and development under the guidance of R&D manager;

3. Supplier development and management;

4. Parts mold opening and tracking, improvement and recognition;

5. Compile relevant design documents and record R&D test data in accordance with regulatory requirements;

6. Proficiency in mechanical drawing software, mechanical drawing.

Work ExperienceAnnual IncomeWelfareExpected Arrival Date
More than 3 years200,000 yuan

Five social insurance and one housing fund


Within 1 month

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