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Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in mechanical related majors;

2. Engaged in technology research and development for more than 5 years, more than 3 years of management experience in medical device technology department or R&D department;

3. Have a certain degree of market sensitivity, be able to grasp the development trend of related technologies, and be able to implement technology from the perspective of customers and business;

4. Proficient in the technical knowledge of medical device products, machinery, and materials related products, familiar with the structure, performance, and mechanism of the company's products, and have a solid theoretical foundation and technical work experience;

5. Able to undertake high-load work, have a good team spirit, pioneering and innovative spirit and management ability, and have a high sense of responsibility.

Job Responsibilities

1. Familiar with the medical device research and development market, fully responsible for the company's technical direction, technical planning and operational research;

2. Manage the company's overall core technology, organize the formulation and implementation of major technical decisions and technical plans, and guide the cooperation and effective communication between technology, business and management departments;

3. According to the company's development strategy, be fully responsible for the formulation and implementation of new product development plans, plans, and organize technical demonstrations and project reviews.

4. Guide and review all project technical plans, and conduct quality assessment after the project is completed;

5. Develop training plans for R&D and technical personnel, and organize technical training for other relevant personnel of the company to provide information support for the company's business decision-making;

6. Responsible for the supervision of the implementation of the financial budget in the process of technical management.

Work ExperienceAnnual IncomeWelfareExpected Arrival Date
More than 5 years150,000 yuanFive social insurance and one housing fund


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